Profile Snapshot


Some of My Highlights

Professional Background
As a consistent advocate for the Divine as the ultimate arbiter for all life challenges, my inspirational approach was present in my teaching as an entertainment professor and as a chaplain in a Princeton-area mental health/addiction facility.

Seasoned attorney and scholar with significant litigation and transactional experience with socially-progressive clients, international financial institutions, and national law firms.

Strong vocational calling to help people to attain a superlative sense of existence.

  • Encouraging individuals to overcome adversity
  • Listening with compassion and problem-solving intensity
  • Emphasizing hope to over anxiety

  • Princeton Theological Seminary (M.Div.)(anticipated)
  • University of Michigan Law School (J.D.)
  • University of Oxford, Oriel College (Prob. M.Litt.)
  • Johns Hopkins University (B.A. magna cum laude)

Vocational Agenda
Conduct workshops and individual counseling sessions to help individuals make optimal decisions in their personal and professsional lives.

Forthcoming publications will reflect my personal philosphy and scholarly pursuits to help all individuals, regardless of their faith backgrounds, to reenvision their relationship with the Divine in all aspects of Creation.

Be Beyond Best will connect individuals, communities, and institutions with cutting-edge research and analysis to help nurture the power of organic imagination for individual and societal betterment .

Future Goals
Contact Akiva to participate in this revolutionary movement and to shape a beter future for every “ONE”.